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Startups for quant funds

Our company can provide private investors with a solutions for their practical needs. We help you to start a quant business from the scratch or to teach your current team, or to organise a new team. We develop risk management software and provide with the risk management service with gives investors a powerful risk analytics tools. As well we organise a comprehensive process engineering research. We develop an authentic research models which went through taught research process. If you what to:


  • organise from the scratch a research quant team, who will do research, develop models and produce results;
  • develop a model building tool with entire range of quant trading
  • adjust your investment according to the different risk appetite;
  • lead your current research team or teach a team leader who would manage further research;
  • receive the simple signal generation tool;
  • test your own investment idea;
  • make an out of sample test of your models;
  • develop Risk Management system with a real-time monitoring;
  • make a deep analysis of your portfolio;
  • teach your stuff how to organise the systematic trading;
  • develop an absolutely new investment strategy;
  • and plenty of others adjoined tasks

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