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For hedge funds

Our company can provide a complete spectrum of solutions for hedge funds with the quantitative focus. We develop a risk management software and provide with the risk management service with gives fund managers and investors a powerful risk analytics tools. As well we organise a comprehensive process engineering research stages in order to test any trading strategies ideas. We develop a authentic research models which went through very taught research stages. We provide you with a complete spectrum of the hedge fund solutions (audit, consultency, software, teaching) with the quantitative focus:


  • Risk Management (VaR, CVar, ES, etc);
  • Risk Management Audit;
  • Process Engineering;
  • Out-of-sample testing;
  • Robustness testing;
  • Backoffice reporting;
  • Performance attribution;
  • Databases and data cleaning;
  • Teaching your team;
  • Leading your team;
  • Helping to do startup research;
  • Analysing you current infrastructure
  • and plenty of others adjoined tasks.

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