Risk Management System

Risk Management System

Web based real-time Risk Management and Performance Attribution System with ranking and risk alert system

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Our company led the development cycle of a web-based risk management monitor together with the performance attribution and alert system. We made a complete service range of teaching (i.e. franchising our "know-how") the client's existed team.

Written in Java and uses web interface and client/server architecture. This risk management system allows you automatically monitor your portfolio evolution together with the long/short contribution. This system takes into account all your trades and manages the aggregation of your entire portfolio. You can as well monitor the sectorial breakdown. The main feature of this monitor is a risk alert system together with the multifactor-adjusted (risk, correlation and) calculation of the necessary stop-loss of each portfolio component.

As well it is constantly monitor your papertrading portfolio together with the real portfolio and allow you to monitor the difference and to analyse the trading errors made by the trader.