AlgoTesting Platform

AlgoTesting Platform

A robust testing platform for the long / short global macro investment

Team Management / Out of Sample Test / Research / Trading system / Hedge Fund / 3D Optimisation

Our company led the development cycle of a robust testing platform for the long/short global macro investment for a private investor. We made a complete service range of teaching ( i.e. franchising our "know-how") the client's existed team.

Written in Java and uses web interface and client/server architecture. This testing platform allows you automatically test any logic of your investment. You have a repository of different investment algorithms, the system test each algorithm out of sample, allow you to observe the 3D optimisation of any optimized parameters, system as well perform the multi-portfolio optimization and check the smoothens and robustness of your returns. Basically this platform uniquely allows you to test any hypothesis of your investment idea within the ready in-house platform.



We provide such a service of teaching and leading your existing team on the project basis. Please contact us for further details.